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Digital Marketing Course Content

  1. Concepts: Local PL White label Dropshipping Ecommerce Lead Generation Social Media Marketing
  2. How to Earn with Facebook Marketing
  3. AED 5 million Sales UAE White Label Ecommerce
  4. PKR 6 million+ PL & WL Ecom Sales Pakistan
  6. Setting Bank Accounts for Advertising (20 mins)
  7. Bank Accounts and Digital Wallets
  8. Open Bank Account for Fb Ads
  9. Letter Head for Account Opening
  10. Most Important Useful Free Tools (15 Mins)
  11. Most Useful Apps for FB Marketers
  12. Using Business Suite & Ads Manger App
  13. Whatsapp Business for Sales and Support
  1. How Ads Target You
  2. Spy on Any Competition Facebook Ads Library
  3. Turn ON 2 Factor Authentication Process to Secure Ads Account
  4. Creating Your Fb Ad Account (Perfectly)
  5. Facebook Ads Manager In 2023
  6. Facebook Ads Objectives Explained
  7. Ads Manager Levels Explained
  8. How to Get Access Of Page And Ad Account
  9. Essential Page Settings
  10. Secure Personal FB Profile from Getting Disabled
  1. Secure Personal FB Profile from Getting Disabled
  2. Fixing FB Bugs, Chat Support, Profile Restricted, Locked, Disabled, Hacked 
  3. Most Common Issues with FB Ads
    Secure All Business Page and Ad Accounts (HACK)
  4. Facebook Id Verification Hack
    Facebook Chat Support Disabled Ad Account
  5. NIC Creation Hack for Account Unlocking
  1. Best Hack When You Start Advertising
  2. Facebook Ads Policies
  3. Products You Should Not Sell with Facebook Ads
  4. Canva For Designing (Overview)
  5. Replicate Creativity in Your Ads
  1. Ads Manager Tools (NEW)
  2. Types Of Audience Targeting (ADVANCE)
  3. Low Ticket Funnel Strategy With Targeting
  4. Facebook Basic Targeting
  5. Targeting Right Audience
  6. Understanding Your Customer Demographics Targeting
  7. Business Ideas Giveaway
  8. Deep Dive Into Demographic Targeting
  9. Facebook Ads Detailed Targeting And Business Ideas Giveaway
  10. Interest Keyword Based Targeting
  11. Secret Targeting Strategy Giveaway And More
  12. Behavior Based Targeting
  13. Targeting Digital Marketer Like Myself
  14. Engaged Shoppers (Core Audience For Selling)
  15. Targeting To Get Sales
  16. How To Find Related Keywords For your Business
  17. How Facebook Marketing Changed My life
  18. Target By Languages
  19. Saving And Editing New Audiences
  20. Connection and Connection Types
  21. Easy Research For Keywords
  22. Facebook Broad (AUTO) Targeting Hack
  1. YASIR AHMED MBA Ads Creating Strategy
  2. Promote Youtube or Cold Traffic To Any Website
  3. MY Ads Management Productivity Hack
  4. Duplication Strategy
  5. Multiple Adset Strategy
  6. Customers, Leads and Sales on Whatsapp
  7. Get Unlimited Page Fan Followers (ABO/CBO Strategy)
  8. Strategy Multiple Creative Testing
  9. Evaluate Performance of Multiple Creative
  10. Stats You Should Look AT After Running Ads
  11. Analyze Results Effectively with Columns.

1. Product Ad Creatives Hunting
2. How To Sell In 2023
3. MBA Quick Launch Strategy
4. 100K+ Sales Each Month Msg Ad Case Study
5. Hack To Decrease Ads Cost
6. 10K+ Profit Each Day – Selling Without Website REAL RESULTS SUCCESS STORIES
7. Top Secret To Fb Ads Success
8. Writing An Awesome Ad Copy
9. Thumbnail Test Strategy
10. Smart Testing Hack
11. Whatsapp Ads (Case Study)
12. Ads Optimization Strategy Case Study (Traffic)
13. Selling Even Without Website

1. Product Hunting in 2023
2. Find Unlimited Ecommerce Products – White Label Automation
3. Dropshipping & Local Product Hunting Hack
4. Private Label Product Sourcing Live Example
5. Setting Product Pricing, Market Analysis And Validation for Ecom Success

  1. What Makes Insta Ads Superior
  2. Instagram Ads Research For Inspiration”
  3. The Perfect Brand On IG – My Own Brand
  4. Creating An Instagram Brand & Launching Targeted IG Ad
  5. Turn On 2 Factor For Instagram
  6. Instagram Store That Converts Into Sales
  7. Instagram Ads Launch Strategy
  8. How To Scale Winning Ads For Max Results”
  9. Creating And Using Essential Custom Audience
  10. Get Followers Easy (Live)
  11. Engage And Convert Followers Into Sales”
  12. Results After Spending 20K On Ads In 3 Months (IG ADS)
  13. 10K Spent On Msgs Conversions Ads Comparing Result
  14. Website Sales Ad – Rs2400 In Sales With Rs700 Spent In Ads
  15. 15K Spent In Engagement Ad (Fail & Wins)
  16. Set Columns To Measure Results Properly
  17. Using Ads Manager For Instagram Marketing
  18. Traffic : Creating A Perfect Story Ad”
  19. Expand Story & Carousel Feed AD
  20. Engagement : Selecting Post Vs Creating Direct Ad
  21. Messages : Trimming And Editing Your Creatives For IG
  22. Concept Of Multiple Ad Creative & CBO
  23. Running Ads For Clients (Account Overview)
  24. Best Ads Objectives For IG Marketing For Clients (Live Example)
  25. My Strategy For This Client.
  1. Secrets To Run Successful Online Business (ULTRA MAX PRO)

  2. White label Ecommerce Business In Paksitan (Live)

  3. Private Label, Ecom, Dropshipping In Deep Session

 1. Setting Up Shopify Store
2. Deep understanding of Shopify
3. Building your Shopify Store
4. Complete shopify store Custom design
5. Uploading and optimizing products
6. Creating Product Video
7. Setting Up Product reviews
8. Setting Up Upsells
9. Order Receive And Place on CJ dropship

1. Facebook Business Manager (COMPLETE)
2. Setup Business Manager for Ecommerce – IOS 14 Changes
3. How To Install Facebook Pixel on Shopify Website
4. Set Aggregated Event Measurement for Facebook IOS 14 Changes
5. Verify Your Website Domain in Business Manager – IOS 14 Changes.
6. Facebook Pixel Tracking Hack.

1. Ecom Product Launch Checklist
2. Product Testing And Launch Strategy 2023
3. Ecom Customer Journey
4. MBA Ecom Launch Strategy
5. Pixel Warm up strategy
6. Secret To Find Winning Creative
7. Find Winning Creative Hack With Stats
8. 200 Purchase (CBO Case Study)
9. Find and Test Winning Audience
10. SUPER ABO Strategy And Scaling
12. Best Ad Creative To Start Ecommerce
13. Catalogue Sales Ads For Retargeting And Selling
14. Creating Sales Ad For Purchase (Single Product)
15. Add To Cart Conversion To Warm Pixel
16. Creating Carousel Ad To Sell Multiple Products
17. Creating Custom Audience
18. Launching Retargeting Campaign
19. Most Essential Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

1. Private Label 26 Lakh Sales With 600K In Ads (CASE STUDY)
2. Creative Strategy Revealed – Single, Carousel, Collection Ad
3. Deep Business Profitability Analysis

1. Ads Funnel (Tof, MoF, BoF) COLD WARM HOT Audience
2. Using Funnels In Your Targeting Strategy

  1. Yasir Top Secret Lead Generation Strategy
    Real estate Lead Generation With Facebook

  2. Generated 200 Leads for $.30 Each – High Ticket Product ($1000)

  3. Facebook Pixel Setup (WordPress)

  4. Custom Conversion Leads Generation Ads
    Finalizing Ad Creative.

  5. Case Study 20X Sales Revenue For ($1500 Product)

  6. Chiropractor- Brand Building And Lead Generation (Case Study)
  1. How To sell in UAE, QATAR, KSA
  2. UAE Product Delivery, Sourcing & Pricing
  3. Budget Breakdown for Success PAKISTAN UAE USA UK (PART 1)
  4. Budget Breakdown for Success PAKISTAN UAE USA UK (PART 2)
  5. How to Advertise in USA COMPLETE COST STRATEGY
  6. How to advertise in UK COMPLETE COST STRATEGY

1. 2000 Page Likes At Cheap Cost Strategy
2. Smart targeting approach to get good audience
3. How I Grew My Personal Brand Page to 70K followers in 2023
4. Simple Trick To Reduce Ads Cost (Works with all objectives)
5. 20% CTR On Fan Page Followers For Monetization
6. How To Sell Through Page Likes (My ECOM Shoe Business)
7. Testing Multiple Ad Copies
8. Successful And Failed Campaigns Overview
9. Get More Facebook Page Followers And Likes With This Strategy
10. Get 10,000 Page Likes Cheap
11. Secret 3 Countries For Cheap Page Likes (0.25 Paisa)
12. Getting 15,000 Page likes For A Client (0.35 Paisa)13.

1. How to make a social media agency
2. Start Your social media Agency (SSMA) Desi Freelancing
3. Ads Strategy For Local Clients
4. Important Things To Know About Agency Business
5. How To Grow Your Agency Fast
6. Upsell Agency Service On Client Need
7. Perfect Sales Pitch And Pricing Your Services
8. How To Source Your Own Product For Your Ecommerce Business
9. How TO Manage Clients

1. Clients on Fiverr
2. Fiverr – Earn Through Shopify DS Store Creation
3. Fiverr – How To Earn Through Product Hunting And Research

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